Following my time at Concordia University where I obtained a bachelors degree in commerce, I went on to receive a diploma in entrepreneurship and a certificate in project management at McGill University. Next to being trilingual (English, French and Greek) I’m also an avid runner and yoga enthusiast.


Maria Sparagis



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What Makes Me Unique

A different perspective! I have been on both sides of the coin, so to speak. In order to give my merchants and clients the best possible advice, it’s important to have experienced it first hand. Prior to starting DirectPayNet, I was one of the first employees of what is now the world’s largest adult entertainment empire, Mansef Inc. (now known as MindGeek) owners of brands such as Brazzers, PornHub and Playboy. During my tenure there, I learned everything about affiliate marketing, sales, customer service and merchant accounts/payments. I became Director of Monetization where I led all efforts in payments, merchant accounts, banking and customer service. I built and managed a team of 10 in the payments department and 25 customer service agents. This invaluable experience, combined with over 8 years of helping merchants in various high-risk industries has enabled me to offer invaluable advice on increasing revenue while mitigating risk and fraud. I enable merchants to increase revenue while maintaining their high-risk merchant account healthy.

What I Offer

Payment Solutions

My track record at finding solutions for hard to place merchants such as nutraceutical, fitness, adult, etc. is next to none. My experience at Mansef (now MindGeek) displays my ability to scale a business and manage risk at all levels.

Consulting & Risk Management

As your consultant, I will provide you with the knowledge and tools you’ll need to grow and profit from your business. I will examine your unique business profile and comprise a strategy with goals and objectives geared to creating success for your company.

Education & Training

Taking the time to learn and understand the industry is beneficial to any business. My training program will have you operating your business like a pro whether you plan to learn individually or in a team.

Conference Speaker

As an experienced speaker and panelist, I’ve spoken at several events including Inside Bitcoins, and American Banker’s Digital Currencies Conference in New York, American Banker’s The Forum for ATM, Debit & Prepaid in Las Vegas, and Elite Retreat in San Francisco on topics of payments, digital currency, e-commerce, and risk management.